Our App

APP-STORE AV-FOR-ANDOur App is free to use by your patients and available on Android and the Apple App Store.

Print-outs available of complete range of exercise photos & patient instructions (more than 2,000 exercise images) – matching the best & most comprehensive physiotherapy tools / software available.

PhysioTrack Content Promise: ‘We will update content to include any exercise not found within 14 days.’

Up-to-date research-based protocols in partnership with University College Dublin.

Free patient mobile phone app in Android & Apple, to receive exercise prescriptions.

Exercise List

Contact Us

This page in the app displays the practitioner's address with a map.

Exercise Detail

Each exercise is illustrated with a photograph.

Exercise Detail

Detailed descriptions are include with each exercise.

Steps to Activate Patient

Step 1

Insert patient name, mobile number & email (as well as patient practice ID).

Step 2

Click on ‘New Prescription’.

Step 3

Scroll & select exercises and settings.

Step 4

Click send and patient will receive introduction email with unique code to insert only once to activate account on mobile app.

Step 5

Patient clicks on unique code following free download of app, to activate.

Step 6

Patient will click to save record of daily exercise sessions and record of patient compliance will be tracked and stored in clinic PhysioTrack account, in patient records.